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The autoimmune illness psoriasis is characterised by patches of discoloured skin on the body and is caused by the body attacking immune cells. This skin patch comes in tiny, medium, and big sizes. It is often scaly, red, and irritating. It is referred to as a winter illness since this psoriasis worsens throughout the winter. It may mainly primarily impact the skin, but it can also have an unsightly effect on other body parts including the scalp, nails, joints, and private areas.  

The use of herbal remedies helps psoriasis sufferers receive the best care possible by lowering and avoiding the risk of disease complications. As the condition grows more complex and you take steroids or other immune suppressants for a longer period of time, the duration of therapy also increases. At Chennai Ayurvaram, minute nuances are observed and taught to the patient to process. Additionally, our specialists specialise in providing the best care using conventional herbal medications to help the majority of psoriasis sufferers get lasting benefits.


The great thing about Ayurveda is that its treatments always yield side benefits, not side effects

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