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Dr Mathivanan’s Ayurvarm Chennai Clinic is a famous center founded on the natural systems of Ayurveda and Siddha as integrative medicine to promote societal peace, consciousness, and wellness. Our Clinic offers specialised individualised treatment plans that are tailored to each patient’s unique body type.

Curable and incurable illnesses are separated into two categories. Easily Palliative care is used to treat diseases that can be cured, but Panchakarma treatment followed by palliative care is used to manage conditions that are difficult to treat.

Using rejuvenation treatment to boost the patient’s natural immunity after the disease has been treated, we restore their health and so stop it from returning. We offer treatment options for patients with terminal illnesses in order to lessen their suffering… 

Our methods of healing and therapy target the underlying causes of the disease in addition to providing short-term symptom alleviation. Through appropriate diet, lifestyle adjustments, and medicine, we help the patient maintain excellent health.

Although many diseases are common, we also treat conditions like arthritis, male hypogonadism, nerve disorder, infertility, asthma, allergy, sinus, cancer treatment, skin disease, psoriasis, menstrual disorders, Thyroid, weight gain and loss, piles, breast hypertrophy, hair fall problem, and cancer.

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Chennai Ayurvaram helps to promote good health, not fight disease

Our Aim of Ayurveda is to restore the individual
balance between mind, body and spirit.