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Ayurvaram Chennai Clinic is one of the top ayurvedic hospitals in Chennai. We provide the best ayurveda treatment without any side effects. At Dr. Mathivanan’s Ayurvarm clinic, we put more emphasis on natural Ayurveda than mere well-being.  Every visitor’s treatment plan is carefully selected and customized to suit his or her unique needs. Discover holistic healing at our Ayurvaram siddha hospitals in Chennai, where ancient traditions meet modern expertise for transformative Ayurvedic treatment. By emphasizing natural Ayurveda and utilizing modern medical research, the medical facility provides an alternative to Western treatment.

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Why Choose Anand College?

100% placement

We provide 100% placement for every student in various MNC company for their career development

Spoken English

An individual Improving during listening, reading, writing, and conversing in English.


We encourage extra curricular activity apart rom studies. Our students are District level Champions in Arts and Sports.

Modern Facility

We have a modern science lab, spacious grounds, bus facilities, a library, etc

Educational Tour

We arrange Educational tours as industial visit, Camp etc.,


Scholarship provided by girl students from central and state government arranged.

We Provide Other Ayurvedic treatment

Hair Fall Problems

A hair break or root is a common source of it falling. Stress causes natural hair loss…sdfdffds

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Swollen veins in your anus and lower rectum are haemorrhoids, often known as piles. Collections of tissue and…

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Weight Gain and Loss

Obesity is an abnormal body weight; BMI, or body mass index, is a measurement of a person’s height and weight…

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In comparison to men, women have bigger thyroid glands. So, difficulties affect women more often than men…

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Menstrual Disorders

Male hormone production is greater than usual in women with PCOS. The hormones that control the…

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The autoimmune illness psoriasis is characterised by patches of discoloured skin on the body and is caused by the body…

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Skin Disease

Skin disease is an infection of the skin by rashes, inflammation, itchiness or else genetic disorder…

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Chennai Ayurvaram helps to promote good health, not fight disease

Our Aim of Ayurveda is to restore the individual balance between mind, body and spirit.